Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's April

wahhh.,lamer giler x update bl0g neyh.,hehe.,i'm a bit busy and malas actually na tulis bl0g..and actually i have lots of things to p0st cume MALAS!!! hehe..s0 berbekalkan masa yg agak terluang neyh i w0uld like t0 share s0me st0ries ( xde la st0ry best mana pun..) that occured this April..

banyak benda best berlaku actually,tapi maj0rity is ab0ut b,b,b..hehe.,this recent days ( sejak tahun neyh actually..) b layan sy agak lain.,x kurang,tapi LEBIH!! waktu new year he did menti0ned yg ye na berubah this year.,i was like *gulppp.,yelah,ye kan da senang skrg,kje kerajaan.,mana la taw ye na mula hidup baru tanpa sy pulak kan..tp setelah diperhatikan beberapa bulan neyh ( cettt ayat..) perubahan p0sitif b tu betul2 wut sy syg ye lebih..hikhik..bukan la kata sblm neyh ye x layan baik sy kan just kali neyh terlalu2 la baik smpai rasa cam indah2 je hidup sy neyh..wahhh gitu kan..

ok da da da.,klu citer pasal b maw smpai 10pages and da nguap2 korang baca kan.,

so here's na citer pasal family sy pulak..hari tu sy offday cam biasa,h0usework h0mework..xde plan ape2 pun..pastu tetiba ma sy ckp "kak,siap,na g kl x?" haa?? lg maw tnye ke.,hikhik..

and s0 we went to kl,dngn duit xbnyak,hujan lebat,here's ph0to captured yg sy dapat f0r that day.. :)

 see,it's still p0uring and jgn tnye wut happened to my eyes.,haha..kata gile lense tp x phot0genic langsung kan.,hurmm xpela,janji dapat Sephora kat blkg tu kan.,na sh0pping situ tggu de Dato' sesat na sp0nsor.,haha..

ok.,sape xkenal lagi, meet my m0mmy ngan daddy yg kt blkg tu sibuk main handph0ne ( haha,like father like daughter kan..) actually kali neyh kami banyakkkkkk gilerrrrrrrr makan sampai seri0usly na muntah,xlarat na jalan,and ngantuk..tapi,like my dad said "time boleh makan,makan.,kat Africa tu kebulur kelaparan taw".,haha,yela,as l0ng ayah belanja,pun bukan selalu kan.,teehehe..

and here's m0re.. :)

g kl kali neyh x berapa na fun c0s xdapat sh0pping sngt,tp yg penting sy pakai beg baru sy tuh.,haha..i just b0ught it the day bef0re c0s its damn similar tu a bag yg i ad0re kat an online shop on fb.,

and rec0gnize the "ben's"? haa,itu tenant baru kat pavi.,xtaw la jual apa c0s belum bukak g.,tp tujuan capture tu sbb nama b saya.,hikhik..(gedik..)

okla.,seri0usly da lapar.,na lunch..ttyl :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

❤ my birthday ❤ againnn...

OK!! I kn0w.,I never had en0ugh with my freaking birthday this year.,hehe.,it's just to0 exciting t0 get rid of.. :)

but still I've g0t an0ther birthday present fr0m Alyn.,kinda sh0cked c0s I really d0n't expect any much fr0m her c0s we're n0t as cl0se as bef0re but still she b0ught me s0mething f0r my birthday.,it is s0 t0uched :,)

and here what she gave me :

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

❤ my birthday ❤

Happy Birthday to me!!!
hurmm I celebrated my 24th birthday insanely fun.. :D
my family were the 0ne to suggest celebrating my birthday early so it was kinda exciting..my family,of course didn't give me any presents but blessed me with the most unforgettable memories by taking and c0mpanying me to KL for some serious unforgettable shopping spree!!!

auww I was seriously having fun..
check out my crazy pictures inside my facebook album : my birthday's eve~

ok.,talking bout my birthday present : my b was the first person giving my birthday present,which not been captured in any photo cos he presented me MYR500 along with a regular cheesy pizza to celebrate with..

hehe.,fucking excited plus reallyreally shocked..

and so.,berbekalkan duit yg b bagi.,I went shopping with my family..

and here it goes the goodies that I bought..

ok.,balik dari shopping ( time neyh da start kerja balik la maksudnye..) I've been shocked again by few gifts.,I was totally happy and feels like this year is the most unforgettable birthday moment of my entire life..thanks and biggest credit to these present's giver..I love u guys.. :,)

and last but not least.,my B ended my birthday celebration with another precious surprise by surprising me with this BlackBerry phone..auww at first I thought he was buying it for himself since I have my own BB and he's not..I was like crying by my happiness for this moment.. :,)

and to be honest it took a whole of 1week to celebrate my birthday this year.,haaa speaking of a grown-up girl,I really need that kind of time for my special day when I have lot of lovely people around me.. ❤

and so I wanna thanks :
my beloved family : for doing anything to make me happy
my b : for never giving up in making me happy
Ayu : for always trusting me in being your friend
to everyone who wished my birthday : thanks for remembering even we're not really talk to each other

I was really grateful by this happiness and I thank God for giving me this beautiful life for me..
till the next birthday of my any good friends,I just can't wait to wrap another present so it can make em happy just like I did.. :D