Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love Is Always In The Air

Hi there stalker! Haha, s0rry tertiru ko lagi Nana..peduliklah ko panggil org stalker, k0 lg kuat stalking aku kan.,hehe..anyway, I love y0u the m0st prasan the Nana Richie.,haha, blnje aku icero0m lagi taw.,hiks..

Ok! ntah ape aku mencarut neyh, sbb Nana syg aku tuh suke pnggil org stalker kan.,haha..whatever it is Hello Lovelies! Meet me again in this new p0st..t0day is Sunday and I'm having s0 Lazy Sunday.,hehew! X kisahlah kan.,de yg tngh kje time neyh,curik2 bce bl0g aku,thanks f0r y0ur preci0us time.,bukanlah fam0us sngt na ade peminat kan but still I love y0u guys s0 so s0 much..and yg tngh offday mcm sy neyh, Have A Fabs Weekends Guys!

So, t0day I nak share certain things yg I think I kinda like it..hehe..ok! As usual, I parted em by chapters.,enj0y!

Chapter #1 Hand Hygiene Poster
My clinic was kinda active in making p0sters this recent days.,started with Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and baru2 neyh for Hand Hygiene Campaign. I have n0 idea h0w creative they are until the p0sters was d0ne! God! They sh0uld have a partime j0b for this c0s they are damn go0d! But, x diragukan, d0ing this f0r fun,f0r c0ntest are quite fun actually. Dari start kerja, this clinic is like an0ther family of mine. I love all of em very much and l0ve g0ing to w0rk everyday..

Hehe.,ok n0w m g0nna share what's my p0sters like during all the campaign we'd attended..

posters f0r Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

p0sters f0r Hand Hygiene Campaign

Kreatif x? hehe.,even th0ugh I was part of the gr0up,I don't help much c0s I need t0 stay at the c0unter all the time (only stealing s0me times to help em,so sad) Yaa, my j0b is like Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada m0vie,which "can't leave the desk!" haha..pathetic me..

But still, on the first p0ster we have w0n a first prize, s0 hopefully f0r Hand Hygiene to0.. *finger-cr0ssed!

And s0me rand0m pictures.,hehew :)

 Here's the girls fr0m my clinic :)

And rand0m pictures of mine! hehe.,wearing what I love to wear..

Chapter #2 Iceroom at Taipan
Hurmm, mcm da old fashion je kan.,haha..lme teringin na makan at Iceroom actually smpai lah my girls offer na treat me s0me ice & co0l.,hehe..I don't take pictures s0 much that day, since my girls sume c0mplain me "what a camwh0re!" haha..ok! s0 here's just one picture of me and the ice treat..

Strawberry! It was kinda s0ur actually c0s it was a y0gurt icecream (which I don't really like).,order neyh pun c0s of the fancy lo0k je kan.,haha..whatever it is, thanky0u Nana,Mia c0s always give me nice treats, (even s0metimes y0u guys a bit kejam.,haha)

Chapter #3 Happy 47th Monthsary
Me and my B has been c0upled for 47th m0nths until yesterday.,it was a perfect time to celebrate our m0nthsary.,actually ktorg jarang jumpe,apatah lg na celebrate m0nthsary kan..even na space time f0r anniversary pun agak susah..but still, m a bit surprised c0s b yg ajak celebrate which it is s0 not him.,haha..hmm xtawlah.,mungkin da bnyk sngt dugaan f0r both of us s0 he started to learn t0 appreciate me..auuuwww! gedik! and mungkin jugak neyh je peluang na jmpe.,c0s pasni da xdapat jmpe lg.,hmmm s0 sad :'(

Ape2 pun, I enj0y every single time that we had..c0s I love him s0 much.,what ever happened between us, kami perlu kuat untk hadapi..We'll fight as hard as we can..kan b? hehe..

Kami smbut monthsary neyh pun c0s mungkin this year we w0n't be able to celebrate anniversary..hurmm..

So, that day I spend time with him fr0m day to night..redeem blk all the l0ve that we missed..time neyh la na peluk kekuat cium bebanyak..c0s pasni there will be n0 more.,isk isk.,sedihnye..

Haaa na nangis! xpe2 tngk gmbr dlu.. *sob sob..

We went to Pantai Cahaya, it was a very beautiful beach, trust me! That bridge led us to a very beautiful small island yg ada p0kok2 bakau.,everything was nature-pr0tected there..

we st0pped by, time neyh tngk Ketam berenang2.,hehe..ph0ne xcanggih na rakam c0s gmbar sngt blur.,hurmm :(

And here's kami.,hikhik..

And for lunch, we experienced a new stall just near the place we stay that day.."Cowboy Place".. The place is really calm.,sangat santai which ada lagu ala2 c0untry, k0nsep kedai yg of c0urse lah koboi kan.,and the waiter pun pakai t0pi kob0i.,hikhik..
and there's our Nasi Kukus Ayam Pagang.,nmpak simple but really delici0us.,trust me! hehe..

Yesterday was the very best m0ment of mine.,smpai skrg cann0t stop smiling,thinking of each things that happened..hahh! 

Chapter #4 Short Ads bout Starbucks
Ok! mcm da lme x update pasal starbucks.,last time I had the newest Asian Dolce Latte.,sngt sedap..but n0w they have bringing back the Cookie Crumble Frappucino, which the m0st fav0rite of mine.,hehehe..lagi2 da release a l0ng-waited pr0motion 'Happy Hour Half Price Frappucino'!! Haaa.,m n0t g0nna miss it.,hehe..that first day da sempat grab Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappucino..(s0rry xde gmbar, and s0 not like me) I was rushing that time dngn battery ph0ne da out.,haha.,sedih!

So here's the ads and deal..

lo0k delici0us right!
u can have this f0r half priced!
the pr0motion runs every Tuesday and Friday
fr0m 5pm to 7pm..
but, just prepared to have a long queue.,haha..
ouhh, and this pr0motion only f0r Starbucks card holder/member..

And here's the new edition t0 the Starbucks Member Card..
to have this awes0me card, y0u just need to upload it with RM50,which I really don't have m0ney to splurge on this.,s0 g0nna skip it with sad face.,huhuhu..
Chapter #5 Favorite Video of The Week
huhh? ok, since when ade pr0gram "Favorite Video of The Week" ? Since m obsessed to Youtube lah.,hahaha..I updated myself with Youtube vide0 alm0st everyday. Well, I mean EVERYDAY! haha..s0 here's my picks for this week.,enj0y!
new releases by Paramore..Hayley's fan, raise ur hand! hehe.,btw, this is a kinda c0ol song and c0ol video :)

special for this c0ming Mother's Day.,I don't celebrate it actually..but I kinda like this vide0 cos I literally cry at the end of this vide0.,hahaha *sob

something new fr0m Cher Lloyd..a fun s0ng with fun vide0..

Oklah! think smpai sini saja.,I need to c0ntinue my 'Asia's Next Top Model' series., u guys s0 much *xoxo and ttyl :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Favorites #1

Hi lovelies! Happy Sunday fr0m me with lotsa kisses! hehe..ok! Today I would like to p0st something t0tally new fr0m me..which sucha rand0m t0pic for the day..Actually a friend of mine suggest me to p0st "My Favorite Item" of the month after we watched s0me Favorites vide0 posted by Michelle Phan..hell yeah, we really l0ve her and watch alm0st all of her vide0 and n0w we're kinda inspired..hehe..

Ok, n0w I would like to start my p0st with this :-

Chapter #1 My Favorite Items Of April

I love the raspberry jam..n0t only because of the fancy lids,als0 because of the s0ur sweet taste of it..I'd never skipped my breakfast since I have a kinda long j0urney to my w0rkplace,s0 I packed raspeberried sandwiches all m0rning :)

And the snacks by Hello Kitty! Everyone kn0ws that I love Hello Kitty very much and I love snacks to0..s0 b0th are the fact0r I bought these a lot..eventh0ugh they're kinda pricey,but when I love s0mething,I'll never let the price be the obstacles..,hikhik..

This is the very latest top that I had..I b0ught it like,last m0nth I guess..I love it very much c0s it's peplum, and the nice printed on that..the red col0r, one of my obsessi0n and~ what else can I say c0s I love this t0p very much and is added t0 my fav0rite dress this m0nth..hehehe..

well,urmm I don't really int0 beauty pr0duct c0s I am s0 lucky c0s being blessed with n0-pr0blem skin..but still, I w0uld like to share this Honey Pump Gloss fr0m Majolica Majorca..c0s I really l0ve the pr0ducts fr0m MM..the casing are all pretty, reminds me like Anna Sui a little bit..but what special ab0ut this lipgl0ss is, it's made fr0m honey..everytime I use it,it feels like calmness t0 my lips,n0t so sticky like any other lipgl0ss..really easy to apply and n0t worry ab0ut the mess c0s it ain't smeared's like y0u're putting h0ney on y0ur lips,only it abs0rbed quickly and y0u'll feel c0mfortable with it..

this randomfinds actually is n0t so rand0m.,haha..I was searching f0r a ar0matherapy candles c0s my r0om was t0tally smelled by the wet paints..s0 I w0uld like t0 find s0mething that can bring up my r0om back to the sweet fragranced instead of the smelly smell..then, a pr0moter lady pr0moted this t0 me..since it's pretty and the price is reas0nable, s0 I w0uld like to have a try..

what s0 special ab0ut this indo0r fragrance is if y0u d0n't want t0 use it,in order t0 save the smell when y0u're not at h0me, y0u can always recap it back..n0t only it's pretty and smell sweet, it als0 suitable for me c0s I hate sh0pping indo0r perfume s0 much.. ;)

Chapter #2 Gwiy0mi
I f0und this new mainstream vide0 on my y0utube's like a new phenomen0n after the Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake..haha..but still, I love this stuff c0s it's kinda cute, and I foll0w a lil bit..hehe..ok! I wanna share this cute vide0 s0 enj0y!

Chapter #3 Entertainment of the m0nth
This chapter I w0uld to share s0me music stuff that I'd been enj0y lately..s0me of em, are the new releases,gl0bally..s0, once again.,enj0y! hikhik..

it's PSY again.,hehe..I'm n0t so obsessed on him..just i love this s0ng.,it makes me like wanna dance all the time..

Selena Gomez just released her new single and this is an awes0me perf0rmance by her in "Dancing With The Stars" pr0gramme..

and recently I'd been watching ABPBH 2012..and I was fallen in love with these girls,which s0me are very l0vable celebrities of mine..s0me of em,which i ackn0wledged is a pers0nally a singer, and n0w here they are.. :)

Now, n0thing's left to share y0u ab0ut..s0 I guess, smpai sini je lah time if I have m0re st0ry,f0r sure,I'll st0p by here t0 write a p0st f0r yah..until then, ttyl and xoxo fr0m me.. *chuuu..

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Sunday and new bracelet!! hahh?!

Hi lovelies! hehe..well, as y0u all kn0w (or perhaps,s0me of y0u d0n't kn0w this) I've l0st my very bel0ved bracelet..hurmmm..I just b0ught it and I loved it s0 so so so s0 much..but to0 bad yaa I've dr0pped it s0mewhere and officially I've lost it..huhuhuhu..which bracelet that I meant? this!

huuu.,sangat sedih c0s it was my very fav0rite bracelet taw.. *isk isk*

After that, I've pr0mised myself t0 find and buy a new one f0r this br0ken heart.,hehe..I've been searching all ar0und seremban, and finally I went t0 Midvalley and I've fallen in love with this one bracelet..I f0und it at Voir's and it was the very last st0ck that they have..hehehe..we're really fated t0 be together, d0esn't it? I mean, me and the bracelet.,hahaha..I was s0 excited and n0w I wanna show to y0u guys the new l0ve that I had.,hikhik..

taddaaaa!! hikhik..isn't it is lah! auww d0n't mind the Guess box..I usually put that bracelet on the b0x since it's white and lo0k pretty on it..hehe..

and this is me wearing my new l0ve.,hehehe..auww I w0uld kill myself if ever I lost this 0ne to0.. *finger-cr0ssed :)

And just t0 inf0rm, I'm in the mid of d0wnloading s0me of vide0s fr0m Michelle Phan..she's s0 awes0me with all awes0me vide0 that she have like make-up tut0rials,m0tivation ab0ut life and fashi0n.,I am s0 in love with alm0st all of her vide0s so m decided t0 download s0me of my fav0rites and st0re em inside my ph0ne..maybe s0meday when m b0red by my l0ng-j0urney-t0-w0rk,I'll enj0y myself by watching her vide0s al0ng the way.. :)

And so ladies, perhaps y0u might check her videos's the link and maybe it's easy f0r you t0 subscribe s0 you w0n't miss anything fr0m her :)

And here's s0me sweet buds t0 enjoy bef0re we end this p0st..It's the latest vide0 by JinnyboyTV..everyb0dy l0ve their vide0, d0esn't it..and s0 have fun :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Morning, Weekend!

Hye there, lovelies! hihi.,d'uhh why am I so excited ha? I can't sleep and still staying up till n0w.,kesian! maybe terlebih minum c0ke td kot.,hhaha..da lme xminum c0ke, tiba2 lax terlanggar pantang..hehe..

Oklah! t0day I have few st0ries to share..haha..t0 mia: "skati akulah na gne bhse r0jak ke, pasemb0r ke..k0 xnak ngaku k0 kuat stalk aku kan.,hahaha" *hehe.,mia,thnks f0r the cupcakes yah..luv u sm ;)

Haaa.,suke kan lari tajuk..yesss! t0day na share few st0ries..there's few things happened, which I am s0 in love with whatever happened back then..hehe..ok! as usual, I'll parted em by chapters k..ceyyy mcm na tulis n0vel lax..okie, cekidautt!

Chapter #I : Food & Treats
bulan neyh mmg sngt best c0s asyik try makan bru..credits t0 my fellas..haha.,l0ve y0u guys..s0 here's I wanna share what I've been testing my buds with..hiks~

here's thanks t0 d0uble "S" : Sufian & Syafiq..They br0ught me having the c0conut shake, and it was dellllllliiici0usssssss..hehe..the day f0llows,actually they als0 br0ught me t0 the cend0ls and r0jaks,als0 the sambal belacan f0r lunch.,hehe..and it was a great experience t0 try s0mething new ar0und there..especially when I'm with the best guys ever.. :)

the day after, my gf came back fr0m singap0re..I sp0tted this awes0me place..n0t so awes0me lah actually it's my first time seeing McCafe,s0 I t0ld em t0 g0 hang out and have drinks there..and seri0usly,I fallen in love with this mini cafe..they even have muffins,cakes..just like usual cafe..of c0urse lah kan..s0,there we have ch0colate and vanilla shake,and als0 mango passi0n,f0r the mang0 lover.,haha..

and here's,I went there with my parents..since they l0ve c0ffee and cake..hehe..I was having a very delici0us iced m0cha w/ whipped cream..hikhik..

And here's m camwh0ring on my first visit.. *credits t0 nana yg suke snapping me kan...haha..budget m0del je I neyh kan.. :p  Actually time neyh I was waken up by nana's ph0ne call ckp "let's hang out!!" tiba2 je balik xgtaw kan..haaa,ngn muke bru bngun tdo,malas na make-up,ikutkan jelah si gedik tu..hhahaha..

Chapter #II : April's Fuel & Loaded
Hehew! ser0nok taw dpt g kl balik..n0t exactly kl lah..just scr0lling ar0und Midvalley Megamall & The Gardens..we planned this trip ab0ut 2weeks bef0re since I haven't g0 to kl f0r sucha l0ng time..(errr,rsenye January bru pergi kot.,haha). And s0, lucky me I have s0me savings and I spent all out there..hehe..I d0n't buy much actually since it wasn't a sales seas0n..prices are all steep I only b0ught what matter and w0rth the bucks je..sedih..
Ok! Like seri0usly, that day I have my pictures a l0t..haha..x kisahlah kan..I just wanna capture the m0ments je..n0t a sin either :)

haha.,maw x berderet kan gmbar..thnks t0 nana, da la aku xpandai p0sing sje na mem-badutkan aku kan..hehe..anyway thanks t0 the girls..thnks f0r everything and I really had a great time with y0u guys..

Hurmmm I think smpai sini je kot..s0 far, malas na fikir if ade citer ke x lg..c0s mata tiba2 da ngntuk..hehe..ok lah t0 all my l0ves out there, here's s0me vide0s for any br0ken hearted out there..d0n't be sad if y0u'd been left..c0s s0meone way m0re special is waiting f0r y0u me! every0ne deserve a happy life.,it's all depends on h0w y0u put eff0rts on it..say0nara!