Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Xxhweet xhtuffxX : Liz Lisa

evening girls..today i'm going to write review for a japanese gorgeous brand LIZ LISA..
its a really sweet clothing company which pick up flowers,sweet,girly theme for sweet girls out there..all the dresses,blouses,accessories are designed with several basic pastel colors with some bows,laces..which all are my favorite..hehe..
so.,any interest person.,check this out

this is one of the runway that take place in japan recent days.,as spring as the weather.,they really love designing "pack of blossoms"

and these are part of their accessory..kawaii isn't it

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Diary XII ⚜ sinful love

owhh dear.,what have you done to me??
i ain't missing you..but that one really sink me in..
can we do that again,dear?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

❤ Love Chapter IV ❤

another chapter is added into my life love story..haha..poyo je ayat..no matter kami jumpe everyweeks.,in any condition,ade duit atau tak,we'll always enjoy our good/fun time together ( right b..)..whether in normal ways,even in silly activity..hehe..

tapi macam biasa lah b.,with his GAMES..i just sit in still.,boleh kata bored jugak la..cos bile na kacau je kena marah..huhh..so i end up with my coloring book..see picture kat atas neyh..hehe..cantik tak saya color? buwuk kan..=P

actually da lama kami tak tangkap gambar same2..so i snapped a lil bits..(ahaha..x pandai tangkap gambar taw..b pun xnak bagi kerjasama..aiyoo..)..so sudahnya ini je yg dapat..x kisah la..our times are too valuable that image/picture can't be the evidents..cos the best part was KAMI MAEN RONDERS DALAM KEDAI..
haha..gilo kan..tapi.,sangat fun..love b so much ❤

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Diary XI ⚜ hey ladies

Rules in becoming a perfect lady [ not included in Sunako's.,ok ]

1. be a nice/good girl amongst family : don't even bother if they treat you like a child cos they DO love you as their child
2. be sincere with friends : even they stabbed your back once,let's God pay em ok
3. smile always : cos that the sweetest things that you're able to do at least
4. be/getting hot ONLY for your boyfriend : that would make you look special in front of him from other girls ( other girls mean girl who like to look hot in front of everyone,actually same alike to prostitute )
5. be pretty or wear something just because you like it : not to please people or irritate em

ok.,that's all for today..
happy day for happy girl..
*even i'm in the mid of pms..sigh.,☠*
❀ TTYL ❀

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Diary X ⚜ bestfriend??

it's been a l0ng time i didn't do updating t0 my bl0g..n0t busy exactly.,just lazy.,n0thing to write on..instead of p0sting shit and writing crap.,i'd rather left this unp0sting awhile until the mo0d and idea embraced..hehe..

t0day i'm g0ing to write ab0ut "friendship"..i kn0w.,there's n0thing strange ab0ut this w0rd/term..everyb0dy has this kind of m0rtal bonds especially f0r girls..and especially me..huhh?? n0w.,i sh0uld explain this..

few m0nths ago i made up this s0-called "friendship" with this girl..and after a few m0nths,seems like "what the hell was i thinking? me sticking with her?? ohhn0o"..haha..this is the stupid me..

i sh0uld realize by the beginning..i never had an imm0rtal,never ending friendship..since i was scho0l,i m0ved in and out a l0t..i have different friends every year..and that sh0uld explain why it is s0 hard for me to stick with a girl called "bestfriend" for m0re than 3/4 m0nths..

i d0n't call myself a devil..since i was school,i friend with b0ys a lot..n0t for being cheeky or s0mething..but i l0ve punk,metal,goth..etc etc that what made me being s0 comf0rtable hanging out with b0ys rather than girls..

otherwise.,i kn0w better ab0ut myself,that i'm not go0d in friendship..i l0ve to sit al0ne alm0st all the time..s0metimes its hard to please pe0ple.,and its hard t0 please my 0wn self as well..n0 wonder "friendship" d0n't work for me everytime..

but t0 few pe0ple..i'm sincere in making friend with..i d0n't make fun with them if they d0n't do the same..and whenever go0d or bad friend y0u are,whether i like y0u or n0t..i'll always be here treating y0u whether in sincere or hyp0crite..c0s i d0n't want my life t0 be infected by "friendship" or whatever i need t0 call it with..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Diary IX ⚜ 10things that i hate


1. ladies with "rainb0w" eyeshad0w
2. when my garments are similar/exactly same with other pe0ple at the same time
3. ugly girls
4. p0ser/faker
5. pe0ple sh0wing off instead they aren't that go0d
6. call themself "baby" or "cute" while they are c0mpletely not
7. credit cards
8. guy wh0 showing off his ass or nude chest
9. pe0ple highlighting they are my bestfriend just because they had s0meone wh0 can buy em drink/s0mething
10. desperate f0r attenti0n

♡ TTYL ♡