Monday, March 28, 2011

Xxhweet xhtuffxX : make-ups??

harrr?? hellyeah..i didn't kn0w since when i'm 0bsessing to make-ups's n0t like i like th0se shits to be put on my face..hurmm,s0metimes,yaa..just t0 have that different lo0k..haha..i'm n0t go0d in that makeover stuff..just pretend like i'm "drawing" my 0wn face.,c0loring my own cheeks and lips..
but t0 be honest.,i ad0re the cute casing or g0rgeous col0rs m0re than the feelings to apply th0se palletes on my face..
hurmm.,i d0n't mind spending m0re money on maj0lica maj0rca's mascara with0ut kn0wing that it can v0lume my eyelashes..haha..
but still.,i wish i can buy s0me stuffs fr0m Anna Sui,which really i crazied of these days..
f0rget Angelic Pretty and Baby,The Stars Shine Bright f0r awhile...
it turns 0ut that i'm lo0king f0r bargaining the Etude House,maybe cute stuffs fr0m Bloop..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Diary I

these fucking days an0ther man came to my life..0ooppxx issue panas neh..d0n't misundersto0d..i'm n0t replacing my b is m0re than anything.,n0 matter if i f0und other pers0n that better than him,my feelings t0ward him is m0re greater than pe0ple might th0ught..yeaa memang aku suke marah2 b..kadang2 kasihan aku dengan dia,tapi kadang2 rasa,padan muka dia..but after having s0me affairs,i myself understand my 0wn feeling..aku selalu marah my b sebab aku sayang dia,i care b0ut him,and i want him to0 much..never want to waste even a sec0nd by l0sing his sight..of c0urse,he's n0t perfect..he said that many times when we g0t fight..but i wish at least he c0uld understand that i need him very much..i d0n't mind if my darling x call,n0 texts,busy kerja..of c0urse i miss him to0..but my feelings t0ward my darling can't beat h0w i feel to my b..aku x kesah darling x text aku 2 3 ari pun,ye,die pun de k0mitmen,de gf..tapi b?? u had the 0nly me..WAJIB text wherever y0u are,whatever y0u do..cakap lah pe k0rang na cakap,aku kuat kongk0ng ke..but i wish my b kn0w better..0nce he purp0se me l0ng time ag0,he sh0uld understand the risk that he takes..i give him all s0 he have t0 accept the all of me to0..

x kisah la ape pun.,yang penting aku sayang b..I SWEAR..
but darling.,t0 be h0nest,i miss t0 "me0w2" ngan y0u..just.,i'm n0t crative en0ugh to make it fun..=)

yeaaa.,da panjang neh x perasan ke aku letak gambar sketch aku kat atas tuh? actually i draw it f0r myself on my last birthday..rindu lax kat Armed..yang sepatutnya my eternity bestfriend,the imm0rtal vampire girls..she sketched f0r me f0r my birthday 0nce..but she said "things changed"..s0 life has t0 move on right..

till then TTYL..