Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Diary XV ⚜ Bit of Birthday [ July ]

this m0nth of July.,few of my l0vely friends celebrated their birthdays..
but f0r m0ney fact0r.,i c0uldn't think well h0w/what supp0se t0 celebrate their special day..
and s0.,i ended up myself with s0me simple idea for their gifts..
i wish they l0ve it.,as much as i enj0yed making it..

and yaa.,skrg baru perasan.,i x capture what inside th0se packages..haha..xpela..biar the birthday girls and me je yg taw.. :D

Monday, July 25, 2011

❤ Love Chapter IIIV ❤

me and my m0st bel0ved b in the w0rld.. (:

my b slurp2.,c0mel x dye..hehe..

and this sweet treats..
at first i tnye dye.. "hari neyh hari ape?"
then he replied.,"xde pe pun.,sje belikn utk syg"
ahhahahaha.,i was speechless..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Diary XIV ⚜ Rearranging my Room

my barbie with her new g0wn.,with my old cl0ck that i'd cust0mized

this week.,i did a lots of cleaning.,not to menti0n i kinda hardw0rking these recent days.,but i started t0 get s0re-eyes l0oking at th0se messy,dusty things all ar0und me..s0 i get my guts up t0 rearrange my packed r0om and kiss all the dust and thrash go0dbye..

boxes.,b0xes..and part of my fo0twear

make-up desk.,i d0n't really satisfied with this..but at least i just put everything i need on the desk and st0red the others back in the b0x..

my r0om sandal.,plastic/paper bag st0red with my files and essential d0cuments

these tw0 boxes st0red with vari0us things at first.,but then i c0ordinated em with specific items that c0uld only be l0cated in each b0x.,which the pink b0x can only st0re with plastic/paper bags and sewing items and the other b0x st0re with s0me necessary items such as ph0ne/camera appliances and plastic cup i c0llected fr0m TGV editi0ns..

and finally the part of my mini library.,i have to0 many bo0ks,CDs,stati0neries and stickers.,hellyeah i l0ve bo0kshop..but these items i put at vari0us places at first..s0 in this stage i gathered everything t0gether and c0me up with this mini library idea..hehe..kinda stacked-up,huh..but at least its easier f0r me to find my stuff n0w..

s0.,that's h0w everything went on.,i did p0st how my r0om lo0ked like bef0re so any 0f y0u can c0mpare h0w this rearrangement effects..g0tta go.. ttyl.. (:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

❤ Love Chapter IIV ❤

this is h0w i lo0k like..hehe..asked my b what to wear.,but he's n0t much helping..haizz..
ape2 pun.,t0day my day0ut with my bel0ved b..last week we didn't enj0y much c0s i've g0tta w0rk fullshift the wh0le weekend..s0 today,i was lo0king f0rward it..hehe..

especially when b pr0mised to bring me out f0r lunch.,eat Udang Goreng Tepung..wee~my fav0rite..but after scr0lling ar0und.,SUMER KEDAI TOMYAM TUTOP!! haizz again..s0 we ended up tuck our starving st0mach in Windmill City Park..

b b0ught few things f0r me.,and especially that PINK ROSE..ohhhh he really to0k my breath away..and i kept staring and smelling the r0se more than i spent talking to my b..hehe..s0rry b.,x pernah b kasi syg r0se..and this 0ne really amazed me..

by evening.,b have to get back early.,ada family dinner..ohh b ada ajak j0in..but my m0m said "NO!!"..huhu..s0 terpaksa la spent time al0ne after a result.,i b0ught this kiddy ice cream..they're cute.,smell go0d.,and taste delici0us..h0w i miss my childho0d by eating this kinda thing..

whatever it is.,thanks to my b f0r never get b0red treating the childish me/the messy-mind me/the freak0 with s0-called lolita..actually f0r treating f0r what/wh0 i am..i love b s0 much..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Diary XIII ⚜ must-have items

Eid just ar0und the c0rner ( actually fasting m0nth pun belum lg..ahhaha..) and sebenarnya m0od shopping membuak2 walaupun duit tade..haha..xpe2..yang penting kte enj0y..

I've f0und these items kat online shopping site..hehe.,x pernah taw sh0pping online..s0 wish me the best..actually i'd been scr0lling ar0und.,wind0w shopping..tapi susah na carik yang attractive..i mean s0mething yg really suit t0 my passi0n..but after saw these d0wn an online page.,it was like "I WANT THIS.,I WANT THIS BADLY"..s0 g0nna c0llect few bucks and order them out.. (:

and s0.,wish me go0dluck,love..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

❤ Love Chapter V ❤

pink biscuit stick..sambil teng0k b maen game.. (:

b hantar saya balik umah..hehe.. ♥

2hari yang lepas.,saya sangat happy dengan b saya..hikhik..
can't even fucking wait f0r our next meet-up..
i am s0 in love with him.,and s0 miss him right n0w..