Friday, September 13, 2013

Pain Killer

Pain Killer? because these events has made me fr0m a sad person into a happy pers0n.. :)

These fucking days I wasn't really a happy person.,s0mething'd happened so I was trying harder to be happy.,(yaaa, bile time sedih, na happy kan diri balik mmg satu kesukaran yg besar, lebih2 lagi xde sape yg sudi na happy kan sy.,hihi..)

So I planned to g0 sh0pping, doing what I love to d0..

In The End Of August

sape yg betul2 kenal sy sangat2 tahu sy yg suka makan dan shopping.,hehe..

Anime Mania Fiesta 2013

I wasn't a big otaku like my brother did..but still I enjoy the event very much, especially sbb ade Sinku!! hikhik..untung Suigintou xde, klu x mmg sy ikut dia balik kot.,haha..
Shopping On September

Not really shopping je.,actually I was doing my review for Benefit Cosmetics..pastu, turun g Baskin Robbins celebrate my dad's birthday..kebetulan kek slices de color pink je tinggal., beli whole kek takut membazir c0s it's icecream cake, xleyh na tapa0.,itupun each slice RM11.,mahal dari kek Secret Recipe tp lg sedap dari kek Secret Recipe..(ter-promote lak kan) Nasib my dad cakap sedap siap tmbah lg 1 slice, maklumlah, sy yg blnja.,hahaha..anything for my beloved dad..

Tuesday is OT day!
Tngk tu muke budak menyibuk at OT room.,hehe..kali neyh first time sy duduk betul2 tepi kepala patient tngk Dr. Deva wut prosedur..of c0urse la almost everyday dlu tngk doctor wut min0r surgery at klinik kan, tp kali neyh excited sngt sbb first time tngk doctor pasang plating..patient neyh patah tulang dagu cos accident.,hidung nye pun patah almost separuh dari tulang pipi nye jugak.,hurmm, sounds, pada yg drive and ride tu, silalah berhati-hati k..

Eid 2013

Greetings lovelies! Finally dapat jugak access to my l0ng-lost bl0g.,haha..long-l0st la sngt kan.,maklumlah, this recent days internet xbpe nak bagus line nye, plus sangat busy dengan life-activities yg n0n-stop..huhu..

Ok! Di kelapangan hari ni, I decided na p0st ab0ut h0w I celebrated my Raya tahun ni..yaaa, silalah cakap t0pic sy ni da basi memandangkan bulan Syawal da melabuh tirai..but tahun ni, walaupun xdapat na raya ngn b sangat, still I had an amazing Raya for this year.. :)

so na citer jugak.,huhh!

Raya Eve
Malam raya kinda fun c0s my so-called twin br0ther, Rafiq Khairi balik..he w0rked as an animation illustrator at studi0 pe ntah,s0 he'd been staying out fr0m home, which it was in Kulim..s0 pulangnya dia ke umah abs0lutely make me feel happy and akhirnya bru sy rasa like had a family (even th0ugh, siblings 3 orang je, tp kami sngt susah na brkumpul taw.,huhu)

the sibling
Rafiq Khairi, Nurul Khalbiah, Khairul Rafiq

 fireworks night

First of Eid
memula x plan na g mne pun, c0s actually every year kami celebrate raya tanpa balik umah nenek.. (even th0ugh, they're still alive). Finally I forced my m0ther, na balik umah dad said yes, s0 my m0m da kalah, walaupun she insisted she's n0t going.,hehe..

So finally kami g beraya umah nenek.,yeaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Second Of Eid
Second day of raya, my m0m seems like da excited na smbung raya.,huhu..nice..s0, kami g beraya di umah maklong at Putrajaya..3 kereta pergi, so it kinda fun..

Third Of Eid
Akhirnya dapat jumpa b.,huhu..but, kami bukan g beraya.,instead dia ajak g dating..hehe.,rindu sngt le tu..hihi..pe2 pun xnak upload picture c0s mem0ry kami time tu happy sangat smpai gmbar pun xdapat menggambarkan betapa happy nye kami.,haha.,poy0 je..

Ok! I have highlighted 3 hari beraya yg ser0nok.,n0w am g0nna highlighted 3 events best sepanjang bulan Syawal..

August 21 : Jamuan Hari Raya Dental, Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah

August 28 : Jamuan Hari Raya Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah

September 5 : Jamuan Hari Raya Puspanita Kuala Pilah
Not only invited f0r the Jamuan, also perf0rming 2 traditional dances f0r the Jamuan's opening and ending.,hehew!

Ok! rsenye smpai cni dlu..I heard s0meone's sending me a gift.,what is it? stay tuned :)
ttyl lovelies..

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello May! My first Saturday...

Hello there, lovelies!
I just finished myself up with tidying my handbag f0r my w0rkday this c0ming Monday..
haaa! seri0usly awal kan, c0s m freaking excited to start my w0rk back.,haha..
ya yaaa! I love my j0b.,that's why :)

Ok! Today m g0nna share what's inside my handbag..hehe..when was the last time I updated this t0pic? Nahh! n0t g0nna over-think ab0ut it.,s0, let's begin!

first, my purse..I changed my purse a l0t c0s I always match it up my handbag or my garments,the dress that I wear..

I also wanna share my purses that I use/change a l0t! hehe :

Here are my make-up that I bring everytime I leave h0use...

ph0nes and b0dy loti0n

usb cable (always use f0r charging my ph0ne and transfering items that I d0wnload) and f0ldable mirr0r

my glass (inside that pink case), my n0tebook, chewing gum & mints 

stationaries :)

Ok! that's it.,n0w imma sh0w h0w I spend my Saturday..ermm n0t much actually.,just g0ing out with my parent, have s0me special tuck-ins and a lil bargains..and check this out!

ermm I don't really like what I wore.,hmm whatever!

Cordon Bleu and Chicken Chop.,haa, I wish my weight gaining at least 1kg by t0day.,hahaha..

and here's the lil bargains..huhu..I bought that cute stapler f0r my w0rk, new lipbalm w/col0r, addicted M&M, pink tasty gums..hurmm that's all ;)

Ok! rasamye smpai sini je.,hurmm xde yg special pun kan.,just suke2.,kalau x suke err n0t my pr0blem.,hahaha.,ok tata l0velies..ttyl and xoxo :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love Is Always In The Air

Hi there stalker! Haha, s0rry tertiru ko lagi Nana..peduliklah ko panggil org stalker, k0 lg kuat stalking aku kan.,hehe..anyway, I love y0u the m0st prasan the Nana Richie.,haha, blnje aku icero0m lagi taw.,hiks..

Ok! ntah ape aku mencarut neyh, sbb Nana syg aku tuh suke pnggil org stalker kan.,haha..whatever it is Hello Lovelies! Meet me again in this new p0st..t0day is Sunday and I'm having s0 Lazy Sunday.,hehew! X kisahlah kan.,de yg tngh kje time neyh,curik2 bce bl0g aku,thanks f0r y0ur preci0us time.,bukanlah fam0us sngt na ade peminat kan but still I love y0u guys s0 so s0 much..and yg tngh offday mcm sy neyh, Have A Fabs Weekends Guys!

So, t0day I nak share certain things yg I think I kinda like it..hehe..ok! As usual, I parted em by chapters.,enj0y!

Chapter #1 Hand Hygiene Poster
My clinic was kinda active in making p0sters this recent days.,started with Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and baru2 neyh for Hand Hygiene Campaign. I have n0 idea h0w creative they are until the p0sters was d0ne! God! They sh0uld have a partime j0b for this c0s they are damn go0d! But, x diragukan, d0ing this f0r fun,f0r c0ntest are quite fun actually. Dari start kerja, this clinic is like an0ther family of mine. I love all of em very much and l0ve g0ing to w0rk everyday..

Hehe.,ok n0w m g0nna share what's my p0sters like during all the campaign we'd attended..

posters f0r Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

p0sters f0r Hand Hygiene Campaign

Kreatif x? hehe.,even th0ugh I was part of the gr0up,I don't help much c0s I need t0 stay at the c0unter all the time (only stealing s0me times to help em,so sad) Yaa, my j0b is like Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada m0vie,which "can't leave the desk!" haha..pathetic me..

But still, on the first p0ster we have w0n a first prize, s0 hopefully f0r Hand Hygiene to0.. *finger-cr0ssed!

And s0me rand0m pictures.,hehew :)

 Here's the girls fr0m my clinic :)

And rand0m pictures of mine! hehe.,wearing what I love to wear..

Chapter #2 Iceroom at Taipan
Hurmm, mcm da old fashion je kan.,haha..lme teringin na makan at Iceroom actually smpai lah my girls offer na treat me s0me ice & co0l.,hehe..I don't take pictures s0 much that day, since my girls sume c0mplain me "what a camwh0re!" haha..ok! s0 here's just one picture of me and the ice treat..

Strawberry! It was kinda s0ur actually c0s it was a y0gurt icecream (which I don't really like).,order neyh pun c0s of the fancy lo0k je kan.,haha..whatever it is, thanky0u Nana,Mia c0s always give me nice treats, (even s0metimes y0u guys a bit kejam.,haha)

Chapter #3 Happy 47th Monthsary
Me and my B has been c0upled for 47th m0nths until yesterday.,it was a perfect time to celebrate our m0nthsary.,actually ktorg jarang jumpe,apatah lg na celebrate m0nthsary kan..even na space time f0r anniversary pun agak susah..but still, m a bit surprised c0s b yg ajak celebrate which it is s0 not him.,haha..hmm xtawlah.,mungkin da bnyk sngt dugaan f0r both of us s0 he started to learn t0 appreciate me..auuuwww! gedik! and mungkin jugak neyh je peluang na jmpe.,c0s pasni da xdapat jmpe lg.,hmmm s0 sad :'(

Ape2 pun, I enj0y every single time that we had..c0s I love him s0 much.,what ever happened between us, kami perlu kuat untk hadapi..We'll fight as hard as we can..kan b? hehe..

Kami smbut monthsary neyh pun c0s mungkin this year we w0n't be able to celebrate anniversary..hurmm..

So, that day I spend time with him fr0m day to night..redeem blk all the l0ve that we missed..time neyh la na peluk kekuat cium bebanyak..c0s pasni there will be n0 more.,isk isk.,sedihnye..

Haaa na nangis! xpe2 tngk gmbr dlu.. *sob sob..

We went to Pantai Cahaya, it was a very beautiful beach, trust me! That bridge led us to a very beautiful small island yg ada p0kok2 bakau.,everything was nature-pr0tected there..

we st0pped by, time neyh tngk Ketam berenang2.,hehe..ph0ne xcanggih na rakam c0s gmbar sngt blur.,hurmm :(

And here's kami.,hikhik..

And for lunch, we experienced a new stall just near the place we stay that day.."Cowboy Place".. The place is really calm.,sangat santai which ada lagu ala2 c0untry, k0nsep kedai yg of c0urse lah koboi kan.,and the waiter pun pakai t0pi kob0i.,hikhik..
and there's our Nasi Kukus Ayam Pagang.,nmpak simple but really delici0us.,trust me! hehe..

Yesterday was the very best m0ment of mine.,smpai skrg cann0t stop smiling,thinking of each things that happened..hahh! 

Chapter #4 Short Ads bout Starbucks
Ok! mcm da lme x update pasal starbucks.,last time I had the newest Asian Dolce Latte.,sngt sedap..but n0w they have bringing back the Cookie Crumble Frappucino, which the m0st fav0rite of mine.,hehehe..lagi2 da release a l0ng-waited pr0motion 'Happy Hour Half Price Frappucino'!! Haaa.,m n0t g0nna miss it.,hehe..that first day da sempat grab Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappucino..(s0rry xde gmbar, and s0 not like me) I was rushing that time dngn battery ph0ne da out.,haha.,sedih!

So here's the ads and deal..

lo0k delici0us right!
u can have this f0r half priced!
the pr0motion runs every Tuesday and Friday
fr0m 5pm to 7pm..
but, just prepared to have a long queue.,haha..
ouhh, and this pr0motion only f0r Starbucks card holder/member..

And here's the new edition t0 the Starbucks Member Card..
to have this awes0me card, y0u just need to upload it with RM50,which I really don't have m0ney to splurge on this.,s0 g0nna skip it with sad face.,huhuhu..
Chapter #5 Favorite Video of The Week
huhh? ok, since when ade pr0gram "Favorite Video of The Week" ? Since m obsessed to Youtube lah.,hahaha..I updated myself with Youtube vide0 alm0st everyday. Well, I mean EVERYDAY! haha..s0 here's my picks for this week.,enj0y!
new releases by Paramore..Hayley's fan, raise ur hand! hehe.,btw, this is a kinda c0ol song and c0ol video :)

special for this c0ming Mother's Day.,I don't celebrate it actually..but I kinda like this vide0 cos I literally cry at the end of this vide0.,hahaha *sob

something new fr0m Cher Lloyd..a fun s0ng with fun vide0..

Oklah! think smpai sini saja.,I need to c0ntinue my 'Asia's Next Top Model' series., u guys s0 much *xoxo and ttyl :)