Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Diary VI : diva kah??

lately i kinda have this str0ng feeling of jeal0usy
ohhhhhn0ooooo but yeah
what sh0uld i say.,this inner feeling s0metimes d0n't even care
walaupun agak penat layan karenah diri.,s0metimes feel a bit enthusiasm
sebab..i always want to win
that's h0w i measure my 0wn c0urage for my 0wn need
x kesah la kena fake,spend l0tsa money..
but t0 see i have m0re than any0ne had.,i feel c0mpletely happy

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Diary V : starved m0rning

today macam xda mo0d cket...tataw napa..mungkin belum breakfast k0t..hurmm da lama x men"starbuck"..y'knw like sipping h0t mocha and veggies sandwich for breakfast..or crunchy r0ti bakar with iced ch0colate at old town k0pitiam..the thing is i w0rk al0ne by m0rning so sapa la yg baek ati na tlg i tapa0 rite..


Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Diary IV : stilleto's chapter

isn't this pumps nice? IS IT? ohh.,i really l0ve this shit..thanks to alyn..i had been searching this kind 0f lady-wear since l0ng time ag0..and finally after alyn's preci0us guidance.,I'VE FOUND IT..of c0s nice things c0st l0tsa m0ney.,huge price to pay.,rm80..but i'll keep my m0ney f0r my dream to c0me true..hehe..

this black c0lor of stilleto is really a GOTH..i l0ve the design m0re..the design? hellyeah..this picture n0t so clear..s0 that's why i p0st the ABOVE picture in additi0n so y0u can see the real design..but in different c0lor..

here it is..
nice isn't it..s0 lolita..and i pick black c0s i want s0mething g0th for myself..i already had 2 pinky and girlish wedges pump..s0 i need s0mething different f0r my c0llection..haha,speak like a diva..this year i wanna r0ck my life with s0mething different..try to get rid of babyish garment..n0t try to really GET RID of that..just wnna sh0w up the my adultery..s0mething t0 sh0w pe0ple that i'm a gr0wn up..


Love Chapter II

9 April 2011
as usual and a must things that take place in saturday is my b's present..hehe..that means it supp0sed to be an0ther chapter of a beautiful day that i had in life.,and it d0es..walaupun masing2 tengah kering xda duit na g jalan.,he still find things f0r us to enj0y being the place where we spent after 2days we're friend..tempat dimana i temankan die g r0nda..that time was lepas hujan.,but still i can see the g0rgeous fullmo0n..of c0s it was a beautiful night..and the m0st beautiful is i was with my b..=)

and like 0nce and always,g main game..hehe..of c0s,each of us will never b0red by each childish s0ul yg always na have fun..i jumpe satu c0nsole game yg xdapat na tngkap ambar c0s excited sangat..b lax pergi bertempur ngan his s0-called kereta kebal..hahaha..sangat best..unf0rtunately die kalah..nasib i x dijadikan tebusan..haha..

10 April 2011
an0ther beautiful days been added..walaupun kami baru lepas gaduh.,he came ajak men game lagi..haha..what a silly l0ve..n0t to menti0n,we're having the kinda same r0utine..but we l0ve anything we d0 when we're t0gether..huhu..mulalah aku na jiwaang2 neh..yang penting this week kami ENJOy..main game..but to0 bad c0nsole yg main dancing2 tu da xda..really want to learn that stuffz..hrmm..actually kalau sape yg xtaw b0th of us like gaming..x kira ape jenis pun..dulu mule2 kenal i was obsess ngan l0ve & berry.,yang main dress-up2 tu..b pernah na blanje main tu..maklum la,idea na amek ati plus na ng0rat kan..but then he taught play this c0nsole yang main carik beza kat gambar..haha..well,die sendiri pun x kisah main fashi0n show ke,co0king academy ke,y'knw girl's game,as l0ng we spend times t0gether..=)

and maybe next week na carik idea lain f0r our c0ming meet up lax..hehe..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear Diary III

as y0u kn0w..i LOVE metal hell much..but i can't deny..i am already a LADY..trying to be a perfect lady..deep d0wn inside..ad0re to be pretty and lo0k beautiful in any way..but s0mehow i'll never try to catch up what i think i can't reach..i just can appreciate that i'd been blessed with this b0dy and face s0 i don't need t0 waste m0ney on surgery..just need s0me cashes f0r pretty dress and make-ups..i l0ve my b for accepting and supp0rting..that he'll be always smiling up0n anything ab0ut me..i had never been awkward when he's ar0und..even s0metimes i'm w0rrying ab0ut my to0-simple-shirt..haha..
but..t0 have s0me scandals w0uld be fun..its n0t ab0ut i d0n't love my b..its just i'm to0 young to have fun..with m0ney and expensive go0dies..or at least,a little pleasure up0n pressure.."s0 darling,d0n't forget my tiffany bracelet k.."
MONEY.,its fun when we have th0se..but h0nestly,since i'd been playing and pleasuring it ar0und.,i d0n't think it can give me an eternity happiness..LOVE is still everything in this w0rld..c0s in the end..i'll end up missing my b,mxg him,or call him.,instead of staring at my expensive anna sui wallet..f0r sure..
but hey.,i didn't say m0ney is NOT imp0rtant..each pe0ple had different view ab0ut that..experience can teach pe0ple h0w to define it..
but my experience taught me that when y0u're keep chasing m0ney,it will never seem en0ugh.,its like the reas0n is to feed y0ur l0ve one's.,but instead..y0u just giving em m0ney.,n0t en0ugh l0ve..
t0 have my b n0w.,it teaches me t0 appreciate what i have..t0 be pretty the way i am,lesser my demand and l0ve anything that i see.,even s0metimes it hurts to see like my t0rny lace skirt..haha..
n0w enough.,think i'd been babbled t0o much..its time t0 meet my b in bed..tata..=)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Diary II : bilik ke kedai neyh??

neh b0xes part..
blk ku mmg bnyk b0x sbnrnye..
kn0n na humban sume dlm k0tak,nmpk kmas cket..
tp lpas tuh sh0pping lg,da xde k0tak na humban.,brsepah blk..
mmg aku ske mmbazir..
tp klu na taw.,aku sh0pping time sdih.,time gaduh ngn b..
at least.,time sh0pping.,i'm t0tally out of the pressure..
its true.,i tell y0u..
but ksudahannye.,
tngk la bnyk mne aku sh0pping.,bnyk tuh la ksedihan yg telah aku tebus..
semak weyh..haha..

neh part kat garment..
mne almari baju?
haha.,aku x kaye na beli almari..
umah da cam umah bangla..
men sangkut2 je..
untung my ma belikn pnyidai baju tuh..
klu x sangkut kat tingkap je.,wut langsir..
my ma de kate na belikn wardr0be satu..
leh humbankan sume tu je..
syg la.,aku lbh ske display2 camtu.,cam display kat kedai2..haha..

part of my bedside
bnyk kali da kemas.,susun balik..
tp cmtuh gak..

s0 kesudahannye..
i need to hire a very very pr0fessi0nal consultant..
cmne blk aku leh jd kmas dan cntik dipandang..
in the same time.,i'm n0t thr0wing all my fave t0kens..
any idea??