Sunday, September 25, 2011

❤ Love Chapter VI ❤

isn't this bag hugely g0rgeous? I had been falling in l0ve since the first time I'd seen it..actually there's few cute pink bag that I like..but this 0ne the price is kinda cheap,which is RM45 including p0stage..(ermm ya I saw this in a FB business page called MissLily Shop.,trust me,I l0ve all the stuff that she's selling )

ok.,en0ugh b0ut that.,I was crazy 0ver this bag,wanting a new bag instead of my 0nly pink bag that I b0ught at i-SOCKS l0ng time ag0.. (sape kenal I f0r sure kn0w better ab0ut the bag that I'm talking ab0ut )

and s0.,I'd been nagging my dear bel0ved b to buy me that bag since his c0ming salary ar0und the first I g0t the answer "NO"..isk isk..

but that night we'd been in l0vey-d0vey mo0d which finally he said "es0k kte beli beg tu ea".,ahhaha.,just imagine what I felt at the time..

tapi.,kees0kan harinya.,we had a nice wind0w sh0pping.,fr0m a shop t0 an0ther sh0p tngk2 beg.,at first I was a bit freak 0ut c0s my b x ckp ape2 pun pasal beg yg I mnat tu..then finally sampai satu sh0p neyh he grabbed a bag and asked cantik tak..I angguk and dia pun mintak kat am0i tu st0k baru.,then bayar..
the bag that my b b0ught f0r me :)

I was like.,what the hell with that? mula tu cam blur2 cket.,da lame cket I started t0 smile in j0y..what had my b d0ne is t0tally an expected and once again I stared at the bag and said "this bag is damn g0rgeous.,and this is the best thing that my b had given/b0ught for me"..ohhh b.. :')

and kees0kan harinya lagi an0ther surprise..of c0s at first my b janji na bawak makan kat The Windmill,c0s na abeshkan kup0n2 yg I ade..tapi,when the time c0mes,b cakap da makan kat rumah,lagipun duit x banyak na belanja makan..da la datang lambat,I alm0st na nagis taw..tapi petang tu time b datang je cakap,"pukul 6 g makan Windmill j0m"..I pun ape lagi,muka wut simple,ckp OK.,tp dalam hati "ahhahahhahahaha.."over the excited u..hehe..

s0 here is it.,we ate at The Windmill ngan Farra and Iwan (d0uble date taw..hehe) with our huge giant glass of Orange+Apple juice yg s0 masam..

whatever it is.,I enj0y the time with my b.,walaupun by Saturday date sampai da xtaw na g mne.,Sunday pulak jmpe xsampai 2jam..haha..

and f0r my new bag.,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! saya akan lupakan beg2 yg saya idamkan sebelum neyh and true t0 be with y0u..

tata ♡

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Diary XVIII ⚜

t0day I would like t0 share few stuff which I misses a l0t...

these are my olden ph0ne casing.,which at the time I l0ve dec0rating was fun each time when the casing had br0ken and I NEED t0 buy a new 0ne,which I was able t0 buy new dec0 sticker to0..hikhik..but that was l0ng time ag0.. :(

and here are my fav0rite pinkpink cl0thes.. :(
auww damn.,I missed t0 wear em t0 work to0..
they were the 0ne wh0 figure up my mo0d to g0 to w0rk,when I was s0 enj0y wearing em,I enj0y my w0rk even m0re..and I have that kind of additi0nal c0nfident to0..

and here my pumps.,0ne which my first wedges that had t0rn up already and the 0ther bl0ssom one is a birthday girt fr0m my bel0ved b..

s0 here it's all t0day.,I'll write even m0re so0n if I can find an0ther nice st0ry to share..tata..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Diary XVII ⚜ Thy Olden Home

greetings every0ne..
quite l0ng time i x update this bl0g..actually n0t bz pun,just
malas+malas+sangat malas..hehe..
but t0day I wanna share b0ut my old h0use yg da lama I x g..that day pergi pun by sudden planning with my m0m,kn0n malam tu malas na balik rumah s0 we b0th decide na tidur kat umah lama kami.. :)

instead of putting w0rds all al0ng,I captured lotsa picture s0 u'll knw wut was happening that day..

and here's my old r0om a.k.a my l0vely dunge0n..I loved being here and still l0ve it n0w..ohh h0w I wish t0 come back staying here again.. :(

and here's a bit of my m0m stuff.,which I love very much..we b0th really l0ve nice,pretty things.,s0 it's never a big deal g0ing out sh0pping with her..right m0m?

and that's all f0r today.. :)

Monday, September 5, 2011


open h0use at umah rinie..kuih2 dye sngt cdap..hehe..
anyway the best thing is we gathered again like once me and ayu still kje at mum& kan time tu.,hehe..walaupun every0ne da bawak haluan baru still i wish kte dpt hang mcm neyh lg.,even skejap.. :)

neyh lax b bwk jln raya ngn frens dye.,g umah ckgu2 mrk..hikhik..xla rasa kek0k sngt c0s sume kwn dye i da knal actually..s0,it was really fun especially bila dpt g knv0i smpai 5keta tu..(eventh0ugh dlm 2/3 org each car)hehe..

this year,xdela na kata i beraya sakan.,it was all happened with0ut my real b ajak,i ikut la.."aku kan yg xkan say NO bila diajak berjalan"..hehe.,tagline tu..s0,i really had a g0od time in syawal this year..

Friday, September 2, 2011


dah raya ke-3 pun.,wish kinda late..hehe..tahun neyh sambutan kinda unexpected..mcm2 berlaku yg wutkan rasa cm xyah raya pun xpelah..tapi bila my parents planned on the spot nak g Midvalley,everything changed..haha..yelah "akukan yg pantang say NO bila diajak berjalan"..

neyh baju kurung raya 1st saya..polka dot taw.,actually this is my m0m's teenages garment..haa jgn xtaw trend skrg neyh bnyk trend lme yg dibarukan..s0 i MUST keep my m0m's baju..hehe..

here's a lil bit sight during walk at The Gardens.,few stuff yg i admire but i can't really aff0rd..even my m0m said "smpan duit,hujung tahun neyh pergi lg"..but..Tiamo tu c0nfirm da s0ld out..isk isk..

and here's my parents..

then 2nd raya pulak ikut family b g merisik utk abg azraai..1st g Kuala Pilah bai..betul2 suasana kampung.,i wish i'd been really staying there..hehe..

and here's my 2nd day baju kurung..pun my m0m pnye..last pkai mse standard 5 taw,pastu da gm0k sr0kkan blk dlm wardr0be..skrg da b0leh pkai blk,hehe..da kurus neyh taw..

that's all f0r today..nnt klu jln raya g I update gmbar..hehe..
btw.,Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..
Maaf Zahir and Batin..
wishing all the j0y and happiness in ur Raya.. :)