Friday, October 9, 2009

Xxhweet xhtuffxX : vari0ux lolita xtyle

Pankurori (Punk Lolita)
Punk Lolitas (Pankurori) wear mainly red and black clothes that often have elaborate screenprinting. Buckles, safety pins, and torn clothes are common, giving them a deconstructed look.

Common Brands:
- Naoto Anarchy
- H. Naoto Blood
- Putamayo
- Maris rock
- MA

Hime Loli (Princess Lolita)

Princess Lolitas often carry Tiaras and "play" princess, so scepters are common accessories. The dresses often consist of floral print materials and extend past the knees. The hair styles are elaborate and the girls often have a "hime cut" ( cheek length bangs and long, straight hair).

Shirololi (White Lolita)
Amalolis (sweet lolita) who wear all white

Amaloli (Sweet Lolita)

Sweet lolitas or Amalolis have a style that centers on attempting to look as cute and little-girlish as possible. They have lots of lace and ribbons, wear light colored clothes (such as white, pink, and baby blue), and often carry teddy bears. Girls who dress Sweet Lolita are typically younger. I think that that look the most doll like out of all the styles.

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