Friday, September 17, 2010

Xxhweet xhtuffxX : syawal that full 0f j0y...

0nce ag0 when pe0ple talked ab0ut "hari raya"..
i'll just said.."ermm.,naa~i'm n0t celebrating..xyah dtg umah kte rye"
n0 matter h0w much i was lo0king f0r a j0yful celebrating..
but things w0n't get to change..
c0s my family had g0t the change.,just after my grandpa are all dead..
things changed..

but this year.,i cried by a new j0y..
even muh family didn't celebrate it at first..
but thanks to AYU..and others..,c0s they MADE me celebrate it..
it was......damn AWESOME!!
till the night i just sit and stare at the fucking wall..
"am i dreaming? is this real? was i really g0ne raya?"
dammit..,its real..


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