Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello May! My first Saturday...

Hello there, lovelies!
I just finished myself up with tidying my handbag f0r my w0rkday this c0ming Monday..
haaa! seri0usly awal kan, c0s m freaking excited to start my w0rk back.,haha..
ya yaaa! I love my j0b.,that's why :)

Ok! Today m g0nna share what's inside my handbag..hehe..when was the last time I updated this t0pic? Nahh! n0t g0nna over-think ab0ut it.,s0, let's begin!

first, my purse..I changed my purse a l0t c0s I always match it up my handbag or my garments,the dress that I wear..

I also wanna share my purses that I use/change a l0t! hehe :

Here are my make-up that I bring everytime I leave h0use...

ph0nes and b0dy loti0n

usb cable (always use f0r charging my ph0ne and transfering items that I d0wnload) and f0ldable mirr0r

my glass (inside that pink case), my n0tebook, chewing gum & mints 

stationaries :)

Ok! that's it.,n0w imma sh0w h0w I spend my Saturday..ermm n0t much actually.,just g0ing out with my parent, have s0me special tuck-ins and a lil bargains..and check this out!

ermm I don't really like what I wore.,hmm whatever!

Cordon Bleu and Chicken Chop.,haa, I wish my weight gaining at least 1kg by t0day.,hahaha..

and here's the lil bargains..huhu..I bought that cute stapler f0r my w0rk, new lipbalm w/col0r, addicted M&M, pink tasty gums..hurmm that's all ;)

Ok! rasamye smpai sini je.,hurmm xde yg special pun kan.,just suke2.,kalau x suke err n0t my pr0blem.,hahaha.,ok tata l0velies..ttyl and xoxo :)

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