Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear Diary VIII : love's bouquet

few days ag0 just checking my camera album..
i jarang guna that camera..
s0 that day tiba2 je rasa na bwk and tngk2 gmbr dlm tu..
and then jumpa pic neh..
these are b0uquet yg my skandal kasi dulu..
g0rgeous aren't they?
the best things was the feeling at the m0ment i g0t th0se fl0wers..
terasa cam diva dapat jambak bsar2..haha..
tp life tu da lama extinct..
sejak i have my bel0ved b..
dulu i th0ught life is ab0ut money.,u can't have affairs with only there when guys give me free dinner and pay f0r my shirts..
but n0w i understand the real meanings of love..u can't have it even u pay f0r it..l0ve is something u have n0 matter what,where and when..
walaupun skrg i da c0meback to the materialistic of me..but i'll make sure that i can make and get it 0n my own..
paling2 pun g carik skandal baru me s0me rich lifestyle and dump him at the end of the year..
next year kalau rasa2 na kehidupan camtu balik.,carik lg new guy..
but t0 be true.,n0body can replace my b..f0r sure..

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