Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Diary VII : life is sweet but i refused

hye every0ne (macam la ramai sngt na baca bl0g aku neyh..harhar)
anyway.,its a sweet evening c0s my friends just c0me by..
i th0ught he might forg0tten all ab0ut me cos its been 2years we didnt catch ar0und anym0re..
actually he's my ex wh0 left me 5years ag0..haha..

en0ugh bout that..
he said he might fly to germany..ab0ut couple months..
and he asked me whether i wanna g0 with him..
harrrrrr??? wthell..
he said he can supp0rt me..he meant 100% supp0rt me..
arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh..h0nestly..i wanna g0..
maybe i c0uld catch April there..huhu..
but my parents will never let it happen..
s0..i....just......have........to say......n0..
uhhhhhh what a waste..
i wish i can g0...

" but h0ney.,why in hell d0n't y0u ever think that you c0uld give me m0ney instead so i can leisure by myself here? "

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