Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Diary XI ⚜ hey ladies

Rules in becoming a perfect lady [ not included in Sunako's.,ok ]

1. be a nice/good girl amongst family : don't even bother if they treat you like a child cos they DO love you as their child
2. be sincere with friends : even they stabbed your back once,let's God pay em ok
3. smile always : cos that the sweetest things that you're able to do at least
4. be/getting hot ONLY for your boyfriend : that would make you look special in front of him from other girls ( other girls mean girl who like to look hot in front of everyone,actually same alike to prostitute )
5. be pretty or wear something just because you like it : not to please people or irritate em

ok.,that's all for today..
happy day for happy girl..
*even i'm in the mid of pms..sigh.,☠*
❀ TTYL ❀

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