Sunday, June 19, 2011

❤ Love Chapter IV ❤

another chapter is added into my life love story..haha..poyo je matter kami jumpe everyweeks.,in any condition,ade duit atau tak,we'll always enjoy our good/fun time together ( right b..)..whether in normal ways,even in silly activity..hehe..

tapi macam biasa lah b.,with his GAMES..i just sit in still.,boleh kata bored jugak la..cos bile na kacau je kena i end up with my coloring book..see picture kat atas neyh..hehe..cantik tak saya color? buwuk kan..=P

actually da lama kami tak tangkap gambar i snapped a lil bits..(ahaha..x pandai tangkap gambar taw..b pun xnak bagi kerjasama..aiyoo..) sudahnya ini je yg dapat..x kisah la..our times are too valuable that image/picture can't be the evidents..cos the best part was KAMI MAEN RONDERS DALAM KEDAI..
haha..gilo kan..tapi.,sangat b so much ❤

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