Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Diary XIII ⚜ must-have items

Eid just ar0und the c0rner ( actually fasting m0nth pun belum lg..ahhaha..) and sebenarnya m0od shopping membuak2 walaupun duit tade..haha..xpe2..yang penting kte enj0y..

I've f0und these items kat online shopping site..hehe.,x pernah taw sh0pping online..s0 wish me the best..actually i'd been scr0lling ar0und.,wind0w shopping..tapi susah na carik yang attractive..i mean s0mething yg really suit t0 my passi0n..but after saw these d0wn an online page.,it was like "I WANT THIS.,I WANT THIS BADLY"..s0 g0nna c0llect few bucks and order them out.. (:

and s0.,wish me go0dluck,love..

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