Sunday, September 25, 2011

❤ Love Chapter VI ❤

isn't this bag hugely g0rgeous? I had been falling in l0ve since the first time I'd seen it..actually there's few cute pink bag that I like..but this 0ne the price is kinda cheap,which is RM45 including p0stage..(ermm ya I saw this in a FB business page called MissLily Shop.,trust me,I l0ve all the stuff that she's selling )

ok.,en0ugh b0ut that.,I was crazy 0ver this bag,wanting a new bag instead of my 0nly pink bag that I b0ught at i-SOCKS l0ng time ag0.. (sape kenal I f0r sure kn0w better ab0ut the bag that I'm talking ab0ut )

and s0.,I'd been nagging my dear bel0ved b to buy me that bag since his c0ming salary ar0und the first I g0t the answer "NO"..isk isk..

but that night we'd been in l0vey-d0vey mo0d which finally he said "es0k kte beli beg tu ea".,ahhaha.,just imagine what I felt at the time..

tapi.,kees0kan harinya.,we had a nice wind0w sh0pping.,fr0m a shop t0 an0ther sh0p tngk2 beg.,at first I was a bit freak 0ut c0s my b x ckp ape2 pun pasal beg yg I mnat tu..then finally sampai satu sh0p neyh he grabbed a bag and asked cantik tak..I angguk and dia pun mintak kat am0i tu st0k baru.,then bayar..
the bag that my b b0ught f0r me :)

I was like.,what the hell with that? mula tu cam blur2 cket.,da lame cket I started t0 smile in j0y..what had my b d0ne is t0tally an expected and once again I stared at the bag and said "this bag is damn g0rgeous.,and this is the best thing that my b had given/b0ught for me"..ohhh b.. :')

and kees0kan harinya lagi an0ther surprise..of c0s at first my b janji na bawak makan kat The Windmill,c0s na abeshkan kup0n2 yg I ade..tapi,when the time c0mes,b cakap da makan kat rumah,lagipun duit x banyak na belanja makan..da la datang lambat,I alm0st na nagis taw..tapi petang tu time b datang je cakap,"pukul 6 g makan Windmill j0m"..I pun ape lagi,muka wut simple,ckp OK.,tp dalam hati "ahhahahhahahaha.."over the excited u..hehe..

s0 here is it.,we ate at The Windmill ngan Farra and Iwan (d0uble date taw..hehe) with our huge giant glass of Orange+Apple juice yg s0 masam..

whatever it is.,I enj0y the time with my b.,walaupun by Saturday date sampai da xtaw na g mne.,Sunday pulak jmpe xsampai 2jam..haha..

and f0r my new bag.,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! saya akan lupakan beg2 yg saya idamkan sebelum neyh and true t0 be with y0u..

tata ♡

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