Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Diary XVII ⚜ Thy Olden Home

greetings every0ne..
quite l0ng time i x update this bl0g..actually n0t bz pun,just
malas+malas+sangat malas..hehe..
but t0day I wanna share b0ut my old h0use yg da lama I x g..that day pergi pun by sudden planning with my m0m,kn0n malam tu malas na balik rumah s0 we b0th decide na tidur kat umah lama kami.. :)

instead of putting w0rds all al0ng,I captured lotsa picture s0 u'll knw wut was happening that day..

and here's my old r0om a.k.a my l0vely dunge0n..I loved being here and still l0ve it n0w..ohh h0w I wish t0 come back staying here again.. :(

and here's a bit of my m0m stuff.,which I love very much..we b0th really l0ve nice,pretty things.,s0 it's never a big deal g0ing out sh0pping with her..right m0m?

and that's all f0r today.. :)


  1. syok nye rumah lama akk! len kali bawak la ayu sekali!

  2. heee..insyaAllah.,tapi da lme tinggal sangat berhabuk and kotor la ayu.. :(