Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Diary XVIII ⚜

t0day I would like t0 share few stuff which I misses a l0t...

these are my olden ph0ne casing.,which at the time I l0ve dec0rating was fun each time when the casing had br0ken and I NEED t0 buy a new 0ne,which I was able t0 buy new dec0 sticker to0..hikhik..but that was l0ng time ag0.. :(

and here are my fav0rite pinkpink cl0thes.. :(
auww damn.,I missed t0 wear em t0 work to0..
they were the 0ne wh0 figure up my mo0d to g0 to w0rk,when I was s0 enj0y wearing em,I enj0y my w0rk even m0re..and I have that kind of additi0nal c0nfident to0..

and here my pumps.,0ne which my first wedges that had t0rn up already and the 0ther bl0ssom one is a birthday girt fr0m my bel0ved b..

s0 here it's all t0day.,I'll write even m0re so0n if I can find an0ther nice st0ry to share..tata..

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