Friday, March 8, 2013

Marching To The March

Hello my dear lovelies !
The sun shining bright and I don't know what to do at this beautiful weekend.,hahaha.,s0 I plan to write something ar0und here, since it's been kinda awhile I didn't post new story (✿◠‿◠)

2weeks ago I spend my day with my ex-staffmate.,we'd been so cl0se once and till n0w, we're still go0d friends.,we having g0ssip a lot, cheeking ab0ut same stuffs and share things alm0st always.,hehe..

And that day we had a lunch at Ichiban Ramen, since it's been kinda long time I didn't have treats there..It was one of my favorite place to eat, since it was a Japan restaurant and have prawns.,hahaha.,yaa, I was and still crazy bout seafo0d..I remember that time when I was so obsessed with prawns, my b b0ught for me prawns almost everyday, until one day when he g0ne outstation, attending his c0urses I was like crazy and have n0 idea where I can get prawns on that day since I can't drive and so..

So that's how finally I've found out ab0ut Ichiban Ramen.,hehe..

Oklah en0ugh with the shit.,here's s0me snaps for y0u guys.. *winkwink (─‿‿─)

 me & viji

 me, waiting my dear ebi..

 and here's the ebi and yummy oreo cappucino iceblended (─‿‿─)

And last week I spend time with the same people..only that they came a bit late, s0 I used that alone-time with sh0pping..hehew~

 I bought my own spectacle, hikhik..

new bracelet.,hehew~

 here's when I was hanging out by myself in Starbucks cafe, waiting those so-called queen coming over.,hahaha., I was having Mocha Praline.,

 and here's me and kak ina..

It was a great time to spend with, it will be more fun when I can go shopping.,hahahaha..
Ok! think I can stop by here.,maybe someday I'll post more if I got more.,hehe.,but until then, xoxo and ttyl ♥

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