Saturday, February 23, 2013

hi alls! I have skipped several days, missing to p0st any ar0und here. bukan busy but malas, haha.,oklah, I've c0llected s0me st0ries to share t0day so h0pe y0u could spend s0me times reading my whatever bullshit neyh eh.,hikhik..

#1 Harlem Shake
every0ne sh0uld kn0w ab0ut the Gangnam Style Phenomenon.,smpai skrg I still can't st0p dancing to the s0ng.,hahaha, but few days ag0, I learnt ab0ut this new vide0 in y0utube called Harlem Shake.,this meme originally occured by Australian teenagers rec0rding to the music Harlem Shake itself by Baaeur.,started fr0m the early February, few other independent pr0ducer starting to rec0rd their ownself Harlem Shake style, same as what worldwide did for the Gangnam Style.,ok! en0ugh with babbling, n0w enj0y the video :)

*noted that this ain't the original one.,this one p0sted by the JinnyboyTV :)

As I viewing the all kind of Harlem Shake fr0m differents independent pr0ducer, I saw this interesting vide0 since I am a muslim.,I thought this one c0uld end me up in obsessing this Goncang Haram.,hahaha.,ok! check this vide0 out :)

Harlem Shake (Muslim Edition)

#2 New Ballerina Shoe
sejak 2 bulan xde inc0me neyh, I was craving to buy a new sh0es, since, yesss I'm a sh0eholic.,life with0ut m0ney mmg sangat menyeksakan batin ku.,haha.,but n0w, I've received my side inc0me, terus rush pergi Vincci and buy a new pair of sh0es for myself.,Ouhhhh I was so excited and happy! Tapi, you see, x semua kite nak kita akan dapat.,and addition to that, time ade duit bnde tu xde, bila xde duit bersepah-sepah.,and yes, these tw0 happened to me at the time..I saw this green flat yg tersangatlah g0rgeous, also match dngan baju fav0rite sy yg sy slalu pakai g kje..Tapiiiiiii, bad news, size xde.,huhu, I alm0st nak beli je c0s can't stand the g0rgeousness,but finally I take the other col0r c0s I need to be c0mfortable at w0rk, s0 I wish I could buy s0mething m0re prettier on the next time., *finger-cr0ssed..

this is the pretty that I bought on that day ❤
#3 Re-organizing Bag
ok! this year belum sempat na re-organize bag sy yg da agak sarat dngn muatan yg macam2.,everyday bawak bnde yg same,tnpa menghiraukan kepentingan dan kesan trhadap beg kesayangan sy tu.,hehehe..oleh sebab bru February so it wasn't a big deal to me.,but, selepas viewing satu vide0 fr0m Michelle Phan (yeah, I love her blogsite which I update alm0st everyday) tibatiba da smpai seru at sy utk re-organize bag sy to make it lo0ks more neatly and nicely.,hehew~
Ok here's the vide0 that I talked ab0ut :)
Bag Makeover : Organizing Tips by Michelle Phan

And here's mine, I update via pictures since I'm not go0d en0ugh in rec0rding such vide0.,hahaha.,

here's my makeup to0ls, dulu rsenye bawak sume makeup yg sy ade including eyeshadow pallete lagi.,hehe, n0w I minimizing the needs and quatities.,hikhik..

my stationaries, since I write and draw a lot, s0 I bring these all the times..dlu bawak lg macam2 dngan file of stickers,buku game card.,but n0w, once again I minimize my stuffs :)

ini adalah hasil terakhir bef0re I put everything inside my bag.,hehe..
n0ted that I change my purse alm0st everyday, yg lain, remain the same
fr0m left y0u can see my pink polka dot purse, mirr0r, lotion (Grace & Cole), stationaries, makeup p0uch..atas fr0m left, n0tebook, keys & keychain and usb cable (penting utk charge ph0ne,hehe)

finally, here's fr0m the inside....
and here's fr0m the outside.. :)

#4 Festival Muzik Budak Soghomban
And here's I wanna share b0ut this exciting event yg akan berlangsung di Seremban.,actualyy a very big event since a very legends and true metal band c0me perf0rm right here in Seremban.,haaa, terkejut aku bhai, ahhaha, klu x tu asyik wut at KL je kan, smpai saya pun c0nfirm la x lepas g kan.,s0 harap2 event yg ini jadilah hendaknya c0s I'm s0 fucking exciting da neyh.,hehe..
And here's the official flyer :)

Ok! rasanye smpai cni je kot.,bnyk lagi bnde na update sbnrnye, tp tahap kesabaran da mule kurang neyh s0 baik sy take a leave dlu k.,
ttyl and xoxo fr0m me 

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