Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome To My New Dungeon!!

Hello lovelies! Meet me again in the last chapter of March..hehe..Hellyeah, it's been a trully interesting m0nth, but still s0me and few shits that really testing out my passi0n toward life..Pendek kate, bulan yg best, th0ugh, mencabar perasaan..haha..

But wh0 am I to c0mplain b0ut life when I have every0ne that I love, still breathing and living, always there f0r me :)

Ok! Enough with this whatever shit.,n0w lets c0ntinue with s0me st0ries that I w0uld like to share..hehe..

Chapter #1 : Pink Weekend..
23.03.13 I escaped away fr0m h0me (just f0r 1day) sbb na release my tires0me, enj0y myself out after the very exhausting week I had..napa yah? sebab I'd attended my Program Transformasi Minda f0r 5days and plus me and my family had m0ved out back t0 my old h0mie, which at Taman Panchur Jaya..It was really a tiring week, seri0usly..s0 as a pay f0r myself, I would l0ve to g0 out enj0y and buy myself s0me gifts.,hehe.. (Attn. to girls, c0ntohi saya utk life yg lebih happiness and appreciation.,hikhik).

And s0 I went out spending with my girl..have iceblended and sh0p s0me stuffs such as new handbag, new bl0use and s0me cute stuffs fr0m a cute sh0p called "Rainbow", placed in Uptown Avenue..It was a very interesting sh0p which the prices are really, seri0usly reas0nable and barang2 nye pun sangat cute! So at situ I habis duit alm0st RM50 jugak lah.. :)

Not much to tell, here s0me pictures I capture..hiks~

here, I stopped by bef0re g0ing back h0me.,kacau sis Ina kje.,hehe..

 I was having my Asian Dolce was damn yummy that I'd l0ve to have again..

 here's the usual Coolblog kiosk that my friend st0pped by..tggu dia beli iceblended sy sempat p0sing taw..haha..

Chapter #2 : Absolutely New Room
Ok! After a 2weeks of kemas2, n0w I'm officially l0ve to share ab0ut my new r0om.,hehe..It was a kinda small r0om, rather that I had bef0re, but still, with the interi0rs that I added, I'm abs0lutely in l0ve with this r0om..And plus! It was painted all wall in pink.,hahaha..

So, here are s0me of pictures that I can share f0r today..*d0n't envy..hihihi..

 here's what y0u can see, a view once y0u enter my r0om..yes, it's all in pink plus I have my Hello Kitty blanket there.,hikhik..

 Some stacked-dr0be I had..haha..yaa,sngt cr0wded kan..but at least, I had all my fav0rite stuff there.. :)

 my bed head.,can y0u see h0w happy my skully there.,hehehe..

 part of my oldies p0sters..

and my stati0nary b0xes.,hehe..

That's all yg saya boleh share f0r today..We'll meet again in the next p0st.. *finger-cr0ssed..
So, ttyl and xoxo fr0m me..

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