Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Morning, Weekend!

Hye there, lovelies! hihi.,d'uhh why am I so excited ha? I can't sleep and still staying up till n0w.,kesian! maybe terlebih minum c0ke td kot.,hhaha..da lme xminum c0ke, tiba2 lax terlanggar pantang..hehe..

Oklah! t0day I have few st0ries to share..haha..t0 mia: "skati akulah na gne bhse r0jak ke, pasemb0r ke..k0 xnak ngaku k0 kuat stalk aku kan.,hahaha" *hehe.,mia,thnks f0r the cupcakes yah..luv u sm ;)

Haaa.,suke kan lari tajuk..yesss! t0day na share few st0ries..there's few things happened, which I am s0 in love with whatever happened back then..hehe..ok! as usual, I'll parted em by chapters k..ceyyy mcm na tulis n0vel lax..okie, cekidautt!

Chapter #I : Food & Treats
bulan neyh mmg sngt best c0s asyik try makan bru..credits t0 my fellas..haha.,l0ve y0u guys..s0 here's I wanna share what I've been testing my buds with..hiks~

here's thanks t0 d0uble "S" : Sufian & Syafiq..They br0ught me having the c0conut shake, and it was dellllllliiici0usssssss..hehe..the day f0llows,actually they als0 br0ught me t0 the cend0ls and r0jaks,als0 the sambal belacan f0r lunch.,hehe..and it was a great experience t0 try s0mething new ar0und there..especially when I'm with the best guys ever.. :)

the day after, my gf came back fr0m singap0re..I sp0tted this awes0me place..n0t so awes0me lah actually it's my first time seeing McCafe,s0 I t0ld em t0 g0 hang out and have drinks there..and seri0usly,I fallen in love with this mini cafe..they even have muffins,cakes..just like usual cafe..of c0urse lah kan..s0,there we have ch0colate and vanilla shake,and als0 mango passi0n,f0r the mang0 lover.,haha..

and here's,I went there with my parents..since they l0ve c0ffee and cake..hehe..I was having a very delici0us iced m0cha w/ whipped cream..hikhik..

And here's m camwh0ring on my first visit.. *credits t0 nana yg suke snapping me kan...haha..budget m0del je I neyh kan.. :p  Actually time neyh I was waken up by nana's ph0ne call ckp "let's hang out!!" tiba2 je balik xgtaw kan..haaa,ngn muke bru bngun tdo,malas na make-up,ikutkan jelah si gedik tu..hhahaha..

Chapter #II : April's Fuel & Loaded
Hehew! ser0nok taw dpt g kl balik..n0t exactly kl lah..just scr0lling ar0und Midvalley Megamall & The Gardens..we planned this trip ab0ut 2weeks bef0re since I haven't g0 to kl f0r sucha l0ng time..(errr,rsenye January bru pergi kot.,haha). And s0, lucky me I have s0me savings and I spent all out there..hehe..I d0n't buy much actually since it wasn't a sales seas0n..prices are all steep I only b0ught what matter and w0rth the bucks je..sedih..
Ok! Like seri0usly, that day I have my pictures a l0t..haha..x kisahlah kan..I just wanna capture the m0ments je..n0t a sin either :)

haha.,maw x berderet kan gmbar..thnks t0 nana, da la aku xpandai p0sing sje na mem-badutkan aku kan..hehe..anyway thanks t0 the girls..thnks f0r everything and I really had a great time with y0u guys..

Hurmmm I think smpai sini je kot..s0 far, malas na fikir if ade citer ke x lg..c0s mata tiba2 da ngntuk..hehe..ok lah t0 all my l0ves out there, here's s0me vide0s for any br0ken hearted out there..d0n't be sad if y0u'd been left..c0s s0meone way m0re special is waiting f0r y0u me! every0ne deserve a happy life.,it's all depends on h0w y0u put eff0rts on it..say0nara!

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