Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Diary IV : stilleto's chapter

isn't this pumps nice? IS IT? ohh.,i really l0ve this shit..thanks to alyn..i had been searching this kind 0f lady-wear since l0ng time ag0..and finally after alyn's preci0us guidance.,I'VE FOUND IT..of c0s nice things c0st l0tsa m0ney.,huge price to pay.,rm80..but i'll keep my m0ney f0r my dream to c0me true..hehe..

this black c0lor of stilleto is really a GOTH..i l0ve the design m0re..the design? hellyeah..this picture n0t so clear..s0 that's why i p0st the ABOVE picture in additi0n so y0u can see the real design..but in different c0lor..

here it is..
nice isn't it..s0 lolita..and i pick black c0s i want s0mething g0th for myself..i already had 2 pinky and girlish wedges pump..s0 i need s0mething different f0r my c0llection..haha,speak like a diva..this year i wanna r0ck my life with s0mething different..try to get rid of babyish garment..n0t try to really GET RID of that..just wnna sh0w up the my adultery..s0mething t0 sh0w pe0ple that i'm a gr0wn up..


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