Monday, April 11, 2011

Love Chapter II

9 April 2011
as usual and a must things that take place in saturday is my b's present..hehe..that means it supp0sed to be an0ther chapter of a beautiful day that i had in life.,and it d0es..walaupun masing2 tengah kering xda duit na g jalan.,he still find things f0r us to enj0y being the place where we spent after 2days we're friend..tempat dimana i temankan die g r0nda..that time was lepas hujan.,but still i can see the g0rgeous fullmo0n..of c0s it was a beautiful night..and the m0st beautiful is i was with my b..=)

and like 0nce and always,g main game..hehe..of c0s,each of us will never b0red by each childish s0ul yg always na have fun..i jumpe satu c0nsole game yg xdapat na tngkap ambar c0s excited sangat..b lax pergi bertempur ngan his s0-called kereta kebal..hahaha..sangat best..unf0rtunately die kalah..nasib i x dijadikan tebusan..haha..

10 April 2011
an0ther beautiful days been added..walaupun kami baru lepas gaduh.,he came ajak men game lagi..haha..what a silly l0ve..n0t to menti0n,we're having the kinda same r0utine..but we l0ve anything we d0 when we're t0gether..huhu..mulalah aku na jiwaang2 neh..yang penting this week kami ENJOy..main game..but to0 bad c0nsole yg main dancing2 tu da xda..really want to learn that stuffz..hrmm..actually kalau sape yg xtaw b0th of us like gaming..x kira ape jenis pun..dulu mule2 kenal i was obsess ngan l0ve & berry.,yang main dress-up2 tu..b pernah na blanje main tu..maklum la,idea na amek ati plus na ng0rat kan..but then he taught play this c0nsole yang main carik beza kat gambar..haha..well,die sendiri pun x kisah main fashi0n show ke,co0king academy ke,y'knw girl's game,as l0ng we spend times t0gether..=)

and maybe next week na carik idea lain f0r our c0ming meet up lax..hehe..

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