Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear Diary III

as y0u kn0w..i LOVE metal hell much..but i can't deny..i am already a LADY..trying to be a perfect lady..deep d0wn inside..ad0re to be pretty and lo0k beautiful in any way..but s0mehow i'll never try to catch up what i think i can't reach..i just can appreciate that i'd been blessed with this b0dy and face s0 i don't need t0 waste m0ney on surgery..just need s0me cashes f0r pretty dress and make-ups..i l0ve my b for accepting and supp0rting..that he'll be always smiling up0n anything ab0ut me..i had never been awkward when he's ar0und..even s0metimes i'm w0rrying ab0ut my to0-simple-shirt..haha..
but..t0 have s0me scandals w0uld be fun..its n0t ab0ut i d0n't love my b..its just i'm to0 young to have fun..with m0ney and expensive go0dies..or at least,a little pleasure up0n pressure.."s0 darling,d0n't forget my tiffany bracelet k.."
MONEY.,its fun when we have th0se..but h0nestly,since i'd been playing and pleasuring it ar0und.,i d0n't think it can give me an eternity happiness..LOVE is still everything in this w0rld..c0s in the end..i'll end up missing my b,mxg him,or call him.,instead of staring at my expensive anna sui wallet..f0r sure..
but hey.,i didn't say m0ney is NOT imp0rtant..each pe0ple had different view ab0ut that..experience can teach pe0ple h0w to define it..
but my experience taught me that when y0u're keep chasing m0ney,it will never seem en0ugh.,its like the reas0n is to feed y0ur l0ve one's.,but instead..y0u just giving em m0ney.,n0t en0ugh l0ve..
t0 have my b n0w.,it teaches me t0 appreciate what i have..t0 be pretty the way i am,lesser my demand and l0ve anything that i see.,even s0metimes it hurts to see like my t0rny lace skirt..haha..
n0w enough.,think i'd been babbled t0o much..its time t0 meet my b in bed..tata..=)

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