Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Sunday and new bracelet!! hahh?!

Hi lovelies! hehe..well, as y0u all kn0w (or perhaps,s0me of y0u d0n't kn0w this) I've l0st my very bel0ved bracelet..hurmmm..I just b0ught it and I loved it s0 so so so s0 much..but to0 bad yaa I've dr0pped it s0mewhere and officially I've lost it..huhuhuhu..which bracelet that I meant? this!

huuu.,sangat sedih c0s it was my very fav0rite bracelet taw.. *isk isk*

After that, I've pr0mised myself t0 find and buy a new one f0r this br0ken heart.,hehe..I've been searching all ar0und seremban, and finally I went t0 Midvalley and I've fallen in love with this one bracelet..I f0und it at Voir's and it was the very last st0ck that they have..hehehe..we're really fated t0 be together, d0esn't it? I mean, me and the bracelet.,hahaha..I was s0 excited and n0w I wanna show to y0u guys the new l0ve that I had.,hikhik..

taddaaaa!! hikhik..isn't it is lah! auww d0n't mind the Guess box..I usually put that bracelet on the b0x since it's white and lo0k pretty on it..hehe..

and this is me wearing my new l0ve.,hehehe..auww I w0uld kill myself if ever I lost this 0ne to0.. *finger-cr0ssed :)

And just t0 inf0rm, I'm in the mid of d0wnloading s0me of vide0s fr0m Michelle Phan..she's s0 awes0me with all awes0me vide0 that she have like make-up tut0rials,m0tivation ab0ut life and fashi0n.,I am s0 in love with alm0st all of her vide0s so m decided t0 download s0me of my fav0rites and st0re em inside my ph0ne..maybe s0meday when m b0red by my l0ng-j0urney-t0-w0rk,I'll enj0y myself by watching her vide0s al0ng the way.. :)

And so ladies, perhaps y0u might check her videos's the link and maybe it's easy f0r you t0 subscribe s0 you w0n't miss anything fr0m her :)

And here's s0me sweet buds t0 enjoy bef0re we end this p0st..It's the latest vide0 by JinnyboyTV..everyb0dy l0ve their vide0, d0esn't it..and s0 have fun :)

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