Monday, February 4, 2013

I've won myself a Jimmy Choo's Perfume

haaa. tengok tuh best tak ? hikhik.,haruslah best kan, I've won myself an exclusive perfume by Jimmy Choo's ; a very influenced designer, orang Malaysia but successed till ar0und the w0rld.
I ackn0wledged that he's n0w living in London and taking reservation fr0m there, even fr0m orang Malaysia itself, haha.. Membanggakan kan..hihi..
Ok, t0day saya na citer pasal "How I've Won Myself This Gorgeous Item"
(haha, cam bagus jew ayat..)
Kalau sape yg da kenal ngan saya, saya very the rajin enter c0ntest at CLEO or Female Magazines..rajin sangat sampai harapan na menang c0ntest tu xla berharap sangat.,just suke2 and love doing artcrafts..
But, these recent days bila saya submit c0ntest, saya boleh dikatakan agak lucky c0s smpai skrg I have won myself ab0ut 3prizes since 2012..
First time, saya menang set make up KATE.,that was the very best prize I've got myself on that time.,waktu tu yg tengah giler ngn branded make-up, tibatiba disua pulak a kinda prestig0ues set.,best taw..hihi..
Second time, dapat hair treatment v0ucher fr0m Svenson w0rth RM500..which located in Midvalley.. saya xdapat nak g c0s xde transp0rt so v0ucher tuh burn cmtu je..haha..
and then, third time, here I am!! Won myself a very exclusive perfume by Jimmy Choo. Why in hell I mentioned it as an exclusive item ? Because it was a limited edition item that only be s0ld on 2012's Christmas Day, and a special c0llaboration with Oliver Polge, a very succesful perfume designer which has been w0rked widely in international brands such as Balenciaga,Burberry,Bvlgari and many m0re!!
And so, I am pr0ud to have these items for FREE!! which I feel s0 lucky being me..
My mom always got jeal0us on me.,haha..and my dad slalu ckp "tak dapat hadiah duit ke ? 1k ke 2k ke.,"
haha.,yahh that one I admit.,selama I masuk c0ntest yg melibatkan menang cash, memang x pernah menang.,haha.,that's why I think I'm c0mfortable en0ugh to participate in smthing that I c0uld win myself s0mething that I like other than cash..hihi..
Tapi,tipulah, sape yg xnak duit.,tapi da xda rezeki terima jelah..Da dapat menang branded items neyh pun da cukup bersyukur.,c0s s0me of my friends ada enter jugak but susah na Alhamdulillah to myself..
So lepas neyh, my m0m da x c0mplain if I'm bargaining a stack of magazines, c0s she believe I have my 0wn agenda.,hehew~
and here's I snap a picture with the perfume.,hehe.,xdela na budget m0del kan.,but I'll submit this picture at c0ntest lain pulak.,my tut0r yg influence me to send this picture to this c0mpany that she suggested by herself..maybe blh tambah pr0ject saya this year and also tambah inc0me, and leyh g sh0pping!! huhu..
al maklum lah.,tahun neyh my new year 2013 res0lution nak g sh0pping at Kate Spade and bor0ng satu Fahrenheit 88..h0pefully!
so, smpai cni sajalah.,ttyl and xoxo fr0m me ❤

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