Monday, February 4, 2013

Weiss Schwarz??

Today, the d0ctors sumer naik OT (Operation Theatre), which left the clinic kinda free with0ut patients. Usually it takes Tuesday to be this way, haha.. But still, I kinda love the day c0s it means I can do anything I like with0ut w0rrying the present of any patients. (which usually n0t c0ming accurately acc0rding to the app0intments, d'uhh)

And so, I kinda have fucking lotsa times to write anything that I want right n0w.,teehehe..☺

❤ Part I ❤

Last Friday, Rafiq, my first y0unger br0ther which is same age as mine, had came back. I mean, HE CAME BACK HOME,FINALLY!!! Hell yeah, all of us had been w0rrying and w0ndering where the hell has he g0ne.. He went away just like that, at the night of his birthday, and never tell us where the hell he's g0ing..But still, one day I f0und his fb status, telling that he's n0w officially a cart0onist, to be exact, an illustrator in an art c0mpany.. Well, thank g0odness he f0und his ever dreamed career and I am s0 pr0ud ( eventhough my parents d0n't really see it as a go0d j0b, hmm)

After his c0meback that Friday, I was getting excited ab0ut anime, we've been talking ab0ut anime all day and als0 he taught me h0w to play card game named "Weiss Schwarz". In German it means "Black & White"

I kinda like the game because of the cute characters on each card, and basically they're all fr0m anime! My brother gave s0me of his card which c0me fr0m Madoka Magica character named...*damn I forgot the name.,hahaha..

The game is kinda hard y'kn0w, I only play it f0r once, and decided to keep the cards as part of my c0llectibles items (haha, c0llectible la sangat, padahal brg org tuh ☃)

Whatever it is, I kinda like the game.,utk saper yg xpernah tngk game neyh or the card itself, check this out..

these aren't my originally pictures.,I just googled and paste.,hehe.. I didn't get to capture my own cards s0 here's just wanna intr0duce y'guys h0w the game is..

okeh! itu saja dong.,ttyl and xoxo fr0m me ❤

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